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How website personalization can boost your business

A customer giving positive feedback, symbolizing how website personalization can boost your business.

The number of websites is growing every day. New businesses are opening, and everyone needs a website. However, web design technology has significantly improved in the past decade, and the customers have also changed. Everyone wants a more personalized experience, wherever they are or whatever they do. A general problem with static websites is that they don't change. They always give the same result whenever you visit a page or click on a link. Clients want more. Website personalization can boost your business in many ways and rapidly increase the number of conversions.

What is website personalization?

Personalizing a website means creating a unique experience for every customer. All of your visitors are different, and they have different needs. Personalization is a must if you want to drive more traffic to your website.

But, how can you personalize a website? There is no way you can satisfy every client since all people are different. The general idea is to split your customers into multiple groups with specific interests. Then, you can tailor the experience to fit those groups. Web personalization is no longer a difficult task; it just requires some time and effort.

Start with a personalized CTA button

Let's imagine you visited an online store that sells clothes. You create an account and start looking for what to purchase. When you visit the website in a couple of days, you get a popup asking you to create an account.

This is a classic example of a non-personalized CTA button. The website should be able to recognize that you already have an account and offer you different options. Instead of a popup to create an account, you should get a popup with the best deals. This type of personalized digital marketing can boost your sales.

More relevant recommendations lead to more sales

Irrelevant products are probably the worst thing you can offer to your customers. You must admit that it is very annoying when you browse the internet, and you get all these popups and ads about things you have no interest in. The ads become spam. However, those same ads might be just what they are looking for for someone else.

The idea of personalized recommendations is to put the right ad in front of the right person. This is a great strategy to increase leads and traffic simultaneously. Instead of annoying your customers, you can use collected customer data to provide a unique experience and offer them exactly what they want to see.

The key to success is to understand your customers

While we are on the subject of creating a tailored experience for your clients, it is crucial to talk about the importance of understanding them. A personalized website is your sorting mechanism, and it helps you group your visitors under different funnels.

A lot of websites use various forms to ask their customers essential questions like:

  • Are you in need of personal or business services?

  • In what industry do you work?

  • What's the size of your company?

  • What are your main interests?

This is just an example of a couple of questions that will help you collect more data on your clients and understand them better. You need to make them more involved because user engagement is one of the metrics that helps boost your business. And this is how you create your personalized groups of interest.

A personalized experience increases time on site

The span of attention is becoming shorter and shorter every year. People want high-quality fun and entertainment, whatever they do. They want value, and they want it now. The bounce rate goes up if you don't have a personalized customer experience on your website. They will visit your website, click a couple of times, and move on unless you manage to provide a unique experience.

As an exercise, think about your favorite website. How much time do you spend on that website? What do you like about it? Did they improve functionality in the past few years, and how? What are they doing better than other websites on the same topic? Is there a specific reason you visit that website, not a competitor's?

These questions will give you a clear answer about why that website provides you with what you need. It is all about the experience. That's how digital marketing increases sales; it offers the customers just a little bit more—a personalized and unique experience like nowhere else.

Build a better communication with your clients

One of the things customers hate the most is when websites start spamming them with emails. New emails are coming from all sides, and many people do not even open them. Even worse, this approach builds a subconscious thought that pushes away customers from that website.

Businesses send out so many unnecessary emails because they want to increase the number of conversions. They start spamming customers every day because they are unsure if they wish to make a purchase or not. The number one mistake is to think that sending emails every day will make the customer say yes after some time.

 Lines of code and a face of a person created out of electrical circuits.

However, if you create a personalized experience, you will not need to spam your clients. You will know precisely at what stage they are. You can substantially reduce the number of emails and build more meaningful communication.

Website personalization can boost your business and help you to build a brand

Becoming a brand is the goal of every business today. Yes, website personalization can boost your business and increase sales, but it also serves a higher purpose. It shows your clients that you care about their needs. You are giving your best to understand what they want and to create a unique experience. That's how you go from a business to a brand and how you increase loyalty. If you wish to be successful, personalization is not an option but a necessity. If you don't do it, your competitors will.


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