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The Importance of Getting your Business on Apple Maps and How to do it!

Updated: Feb 28

Business owners, big or small, face the unique and similar problem of patronage, location, the uncertainty of new locations and customer ratings. However, in modern times, these problems have been greatly reduced with ever changing navigation technology, and one of the most prominent and effective solutions is the listing of businesses on Apple Maps. This navigation service not only ensures business growth; it also provides access to billions of users across the globe.

Apple Maps Connect is a navigation service (from Tech Giant Apple of course) that incorporates crowdsourced data from its numerous users to provide accurate location and navigation services to its customers. It is a free DIY web service that allows business owners (big or small) or their authorized representatives, list and manage their businesses on Apple Maps. This awesome service also provides and indoor positioning and mapping tool coined iBeacon that helps business owners create and set up the interior views of their business. This positioning tool helps users to gain a feel of the business before proceeding to the venue.

Launched in 2012, apple maps has grown fiercely amongst competitors and amidst much backlash and criticisms, to becoming the most used navigation system in the world; thrice as often used as its major competitor, Google maps, with a recorded service of 5 billion requests per week according to 9to5mac.

Business listing on Apple Maps

Apple Maps Connect has been proven to improve local standings for small business and has provided a much larger social presence which in today’s world translates directly to increased patronage. According to Creative DSM, 72% of mobile searchers look up local information about brands and products within 5 miles or their current location before visiting the business outlet.

So, if you are a business owner looking to improve your social presence and local standings, and improve the general growth of your business, the following reasons serve as few important benefits on getting your business on Apple Maps;

  • Access to a Multitude of Users

Apple maps comes as the default navigation service for Apple products which are used by hundreds of millions of people daily, and because of its efficiency, it is the preferred choice of iOS users. These users search daily with their mobile and stationary devices, physical businesses before proceeding to the venue. By listing your business or Apple Maps Connect, you are leveraging on one of the biggest databases of mobile users and devices. This, without a doubt translates to increased business patronage, increased sales and general business growth.

Apple Maps Connect is also integrated into third-party applications like Yelp and Starbucks which allows users access to the navigation service to locate surrounding stores.

  • Improves Local Standings

Inhabitants of your immediate community are more likely to invest in businesses located in their surroundings than larger corporations, and as stated earlier 72% of mobile users search for businesses within 5 miles of their location and choose to patronize them once a suitable one has been found. Apple Maps Connect helps improve your local presence and sales conversions. It brings the business owners closer to their customer and it also fosters a deeper and better connection with the community.

  • Apple Maps is 3x Faster than the Competition

With over % Billion search requests handled weekly, Apple Maps leads the competition by large margin. This also comes with the added advantage of the service being 3x faster than the competition. This makes it super convenient for both customers and business owners alike to use the service. It is definitely the top choice for business listings. The service also includes an indoor positioning tool named iBeacon that allows business owners to set up the interior views of their business thus giving customers a better feel of the business.

  • It Improves Consumer Trust in the Business

Apple Maps Connect, provides the customer with the ability to leave positive reviews on the business service being provided. This allows other potential customers to have a feel of the business without first coming to the venue. With increasing positive reviews, consumer trust also increases thus further increasing sales conversions.

An added advantage is that it also helps business owners improve their service delivery and it gives small businesses a shot at earning increased patronage.

  • Keeps business owners proactive with Technology

Business listings especially the ones created automatically easily go out of date thus needing regular updated information from the business owners or their designated representatives.

Since the map data is collated from a variety of sources, including registration and tax data, it is important for business owners to constantly manage, claim and update their profile, and ensure that it is current and up-to-the minute. Examples of regularly updated data include; newly accepted forms of payments, operational hours, holiday breaks and openings, etc.

  • Apple Maps is Always Improving

If you are an ardent user of the user of the service, you will notice the constant improvements in the service delivery of Apple Maps. The Proprietors constantly improve user experience for both business owners and customers alike. A recent overhaul was carried out with major improvements in intrinsic details such as pedestrian pathways, greenery, pools etc. This serves as a huge advantage to businesses located at hidden or not so visible areas.

  • Provides Useful Data

This serves as a huge bonus to business owners who intend to carry out business or product marketing with the intention of substantially growing their business. Asides the management functions of the app like editing the details of their listings, the app also provides to the business owners, insights as to who is interacting with the business, consumer preferences, reviews which are a goldmine for marketing purposes. Understanding your customers and consumers preferences enable the business owners provide better bespoke services and aid business expansion

These benefits (and much more) prove that listing your businesses on Apple Maps is highly important and imperative for business growth.

How to Claim or List your Business on Apple Maps

The following steps will guide you to list or claim your business on Apple Maps. This is advantageous to small business owners with upfront day-to-day interactions with their clients.

Go to Apple Maps Connect

Visit the Apple Maps Connect Page. Sign in with your Apple ID (very necessary). Create an Apple ID if unavailable.

Choose your preferred language

A drop-down menu allows you to choose your preferred service language. After choosing a language, click Done

List or Claim your Business

There is a high probability that your business already appears on Apple Maps. The business name will pop up, and if the business has a generic name, other businesses will pop up also. Select yours to continue.

However, if your business is not listed, follow the on-screen options to add your business.

Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions!

Enter your Business Details

With the options provided and available on screen, Fill and edit your business information correctly. The details required include business address, business hours, URL, social media handles, etc. Click Next when business information is completed.

Verify your Business

Upon the completion of entering your business details, you will be prompted to verify your business. This will be done by receiving a phone call from Apple to the business number you provided. You will be provided with a verification code which you will enter in the pop-up screen provided for it.

At the completion of the verification process, you shall be contacted by Apple with further information about your listing or claim.

VOILA! Your business has been successfully listed

how to connect your business to apple maps

However, if you feel the process is too long or you might not have the time to list your business on Apple Maps, you can visit TheSocial Sharks to help ease the process with just a one-time affordable charge. Visit the Apple Maps Setup Service today to get your business listed.


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