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Tech-Oriented Strategies for Growing Your Startup

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Every business faces enormous challenges, although small- to mid-sized startups are most in need of help. Thankfully, technologies that provide support are constantly progressing. Never ignore the potential benefits of putting these advances into action. From The Social Sharks, here are a few ways in which high-tech solutions can bolster your enterprise.

Crunching Numbers by Computer

Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is paramount for every commercial entity. The days of pen-and-paper bookkeeping are long gone. Juggling numbers via computer is a much better alternative. You might balk at the monthly fees associated with online accounting services, but they offer many benefits. Over time, you'll save money with accounting software that works for your company. If you're especially reluctant to include another item on your expense sheet, free options are available for download.

Pick a cloud-based system. One advantage of this type of setup is it assists with sending invoices to clients; when customers receive bills sooner rather than later, it's more likely that you'll get paid promptly. The right accounting program also aids in organizing and filing receipts. Maximizing business deductions and staying tax compliant is easier than ever.

Promoting Online

Even little companies need advertising campaigns. Today, the web allows limitless opportunities for scrappy entrepreneurs. Paid search marketing, otherwise known as pay-per-click, is one common avenue. Through this system, a link to your site appears every time someone searches specific keywords in a search engine. A nominal fee then gets charged whenever someone subsequently clicks on your link. Google's domination makes Google Ads especially worthy of consideration.

Many online surfers are only looking for entertainment. Such individuals spend crazy amounts of time on social media. According to data insight analysts, more than half the world is on these platforms, and users typically spend around 2.5 hours a day scrolling, liking, and commenting on them. Persuasive advertising turns passive viewers into active customers. You have the power to develop a robust relationship with your target audience right at your fingertips.

Going Virtual and Reducing Expenses

Commerce has become increasingly digitized. Staffers no longer need a physical space to do great work. Test the waters by having several employees perform duties from home once a week. If there's no negative impact on productivity, increase how much gets done outside the office. Once you're able to let go of being next to one another, the cost of renting an office will no longer be a burden.

As you go virtual, make sure the customer experience remains top-notch. The time has likely come to redesign your website. Verify that navigation and completing purchases are as foolproof as they are enjoyable. Mobile applications are a popular way of getting in front of consumers. Appy Pie makes it possible for business owners to create one without hassle. If you require complex functionality, hire a professional development team.

Enhancing Employee Contact

With everyone working remotely, it's more important than ever to sharpen interoffice communication. Facilitate constant interfacing with an online collaboration tool. Slack is extremely popular, but there are plenty of alternatives. Additionally, schedule regular meetings with video conference software so there's always an opportunity for personnel to exchange information, raise concerns, and dissect customer feedback. Actively solicit

client opinions on your app and website.

Modern technology improves the odds of your venture continuing to thrive. Align science with your corporate needs and experience the rewards.


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