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Online Resources to Help Businesses Bounce Back From The Pandemic

how your business can bounce back from the pandemic

There’s no question that COVID-19 has been tough for small business owners. As we get

through the rest of the pandemic, you may be wondering how you can keep your own business afloat.

Are there any resources to help you through these challenging times?

Fortunately, for stressed-out business owners like yourself, countless websites are still offering incredible free resources and tips to prop up small businesses during the pandemic. In fact, you can find a list of nine of the most helpful tips, links, and resources below.

Marketing Tools and Resources

Marketing your small business can be tricky when you’re trying to do so during a global public health crisis. Arming yourself with these tips and links will at least make it easier.

● Many sites offer in-depth guides on marketing your business during the pandemic.

● Quite a few corporations are offering free marketing help for small businesses.

● Remember to harness the power of social media to connect with consumers.

● If you’ve got too much on your plate, connect with The Social Sharks, a digital and social media marketing agency.

Sales and Customer Retention Tips

Reworking your marketing plans as the pandemic continues can certainly attract more people to your business. Then, you can use the following tips and links to convert that audience into sales.

● The experts at Salesforce recommend keeping your business relevant, focusing on

customer service, and creating customer experiences to boost pandemic sales.

● In terms of relevance, you could add top-selling products and services to your business.

● You should also make retaining current customers a focus of your sales strategies.

Room for Self-Improvement

As you implement new techniques to ensure business growth and efficiency, it’s also wise to take a look at areas where you can make improvements that enhance your business and your professional skills.

● Business leadership training can arm you with the necessary skills to effectively manage your business and your employees.

● If you want to do more than boost your leadership skills, enrolling in a master’s program

for business not only prepares you to be a leader, but it provides a wealth of knowledge

you can apply to your venture.

● Many companies have had to reevaluate their workplace culture. Take stock of where

you are now, and determine whether you need to retool your model to fit the changing


Owning a small business, and keeping that business open and thriving, can be such a challenge during these stressful times. If you feel overwhelmed with managing your business, know that you don’t have to take on all of these extra challenges on your own. You can find tools and resources to help with marketing and sales, and you may even be able to budget to hire an agency like The Social Sharks. Try to maintain a positive attitude and you’ll get through this.

Photo Credit: Unsplash


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