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Old Technologies You Shouldn’t Ignore in Your Marketing Campaign

The Social Sharks School - Old Technologies You Shouldn’t Ignore in Your Marketing Campaign
Old Technologies You Shouldn’t Ignore in Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing trends are constantly evolving to help businesses reach their customers. While experimenting with new trends is a great way to connect with more customers, you shouldn't count out more traditional ways of marketing just yet. Traditional marketing is very much alive and just as effective as ever. Here are three traditional marketing strategies you shouldn't ignore.

Snail Mail

Simply put, snail mail is similar to sending an email, except without the internet. Snail mail is a letter or message that is sent directly through the mail to your customers. By incorporating snail mail into your marketing strategy, you can target and measure the success of your campaigns with more efficiency. Direct mail strategies allow companies to use targeted mailing lists to get matched with the best prospects. Additionally, sending snail mail is highly beneficial as it is targeted and measurable. For instance, you can add unique customer codes to each mailer to see response rates. Another reason snail mail is still winning in marketing is that it is highly personalized. Personalization is important because it allows businesses to reach specific audiences through segmentation. Also, marketing material that is personalized often sees a higher response rate as customers appreciate and are more responsive to businesses that understand their needs.

Text Message Marketing

Communication will always play a key role in any business. With that said, text message marketing is still relevant when it comes to marketing to your audience. In fact, over 90 percent of people read texts within three minutes, so you should take advantage of the fact that everyone has a phone to communicate with. By incorporating SMS marketing, you can tap into a much larger market, keep a competitive advantage, and stay in touch with your customers even when they're on-the-go. Even more, creating space for communication between you and your customers helps establish trust, which leads to customer loyalty and an increase in revenue.

Promotional Items

the social sharks promotional polo shirt
Branded Promotional Polo Shirt

Many business owners today prefer to interact with their customers digitally. While it's true that many consumers today are searching and making purchasing decisions online, nothing makes your company more memorable than a physical item. Giving out promotional items is a great way to stand out among the crowd, gain a competitive advantage, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Promotional items are especially great if they're something the customer can actually use. For instance, something as simple as a coffee mug or a pen can be used every day. This means that you are constantly on your customers' minds and will be the first company they think of when they're ready to make a purchase.

While marketing trends are constantly evolving, sticking to the basics may not be such a bad idea for businesses. In fact, implementing traditional marketing strategies combined with your digital marketing can help you see a larger ROI as you are able to leave a lasting impression on customers, personalize offerings and promotions, and improve customer communications.

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