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How To Verify Your Facebook Business Page.


Social media marketing is of utmost importance and a potent way for businesses to reach their prospective customers and clients. Lots of businesses are mapping out new strategies every day to get their products and services to the eyes of people all over the world, and Fort Worth business owners are using Facebook marketing as a tool to boost their business(es).

Business owners in Texas, and in fact, all over the world now run Facebook pages where they upload and post their products, and also reach out to their prospects.

However, due to the incessant rise in scam websites, pages, and news source,

customers are becoming particularly cautious of what content they access on social media, and what pages are credible. Consumers want to be sure they are interacting with credible businesses and real people, and they want to be sure they can trust your business.

One way to earn the confidence and trust of people, especially prospects is to get your business Facebook page verified. This is the checkmark that shows your audience that you are not an imposter or a scam, and neither are you just another fan page, so whenever people search for your page, they see this grey checkmark, which shows that Facebook considers your page legitimate and credible.

This does not only build trust in your audience, but it also increases the potential of your business page having better reach and engagement.

Facebook page verification holds lots of benefits for your business, apart from building trust. Others are ranking higher on search lists, taking your page off unofficial pages and fan pages, and away from the unverified competition.

Likewise, because you are high up on the search list, you get a higher chance of engagement and interaction from your audience- more likes, more comments, and even a product purchase.

There are actually two types of verified pages, one which has a blue checkmark- which classifies the verified page of a well-known public figure or a global brand, and the grey checkmark which identifies a local/small business or organization’s verified Facebook page.

So here’s the question- how do you get your business page verified, and get that desired grey checkmark?

Not to worry, the process has recently been restructured by Facebook, making it more accessible and easier for Texas business owners to advance their business visibility.

All that is needed is your business phone number, and your business page.

Here are the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your Business page Settings

Navigate to Settings at the top right of your Facebook business page, then General >> Page Verification >> Verify this Page. Then select Get Started.

Step 2: Provide Phone number or Documents (As requested by Facebook)

Facebook will ask you to enter your phone number, language, and your county. Using phone number is the easiest means to verify your business page, and the number must be publicly listed for your company.

If, however, Facebook does not accept this phone number for verification, you may select the Verify this page with documents instead option. This is a longer process, plus Facebook is somewhat selective about their requirements.

The following documents/materials have been proven to be acceptable for verification; Business license, Business tax files, certificate of formation, an article of

incorporation, business utility bill, or a business phone bill.

These materials must be in digital form, so you can get to upload them directly on Facebook, and they must clearly show the business name and address which you intend to verify.

Once you upload these documents, Facebook will check them manually using public records to ensure they are correct.

Step 3: Complete Verification Process

If you made use of a phone number for verification, Facebook will call you and provide a four-digit verification code which you will then input into the provided box, and afterward, click continue.

Whether you use the phone or document method, Facebook will message you via Facebook or email to inform you that your page has been verified, or inform you of any additional steps you need to take, and thereafter, your verification would be complete, and you will have the grey checkmark on your page.

Contact us if you are running into trouble verifying your page.


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