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How to Transition Smoothly Into a New Home and Business

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

starting a business from home

You’re ready to start a home-based business, but your home isn’t cut out for it. There isn’t enough space, the layout isn’t right, or your home just isn’t the place for your new chapter for any other reasons. The point is: it’s time to move on.

It’s critical that your living environment supports the needs of your company and family. Otherwise, your plan isn’t going to work out too well! Below, The Social Sharks share some practical tips for how you can find the perfect home and start your business off strong!

Take Stock of Your Needs

Before you make any moves, take time to list out all of the needs of your business and family. For example, should your home provide a spare bedroom for your office, or maybe a garage attic, or basement? How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you need to keep everyone living comfortably? Do you need a two-story house, or could you get by with a may moderately-sized single-story?

Also, consider the property itself. Do your kids or pets need a sizable backyard for playing, or will a small yard and nearby park suffice? How close do you want to live to neighbors, and how close do you want to be to work, school, and essential local establishments (e.g., grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.)? Answering these types of questions will give you a blueprint for the decisions ahead.

Start the Search

Once you have your list of needs, start researching the housing market to get an idea of what type of homes are available in your desired area and how much they cost. If you are like most families, home prices will play a role in where you choose to live, and since markets tend to fluctuate, it’s important to check prices and trends regularly.

Find Professionals

You are going to have more than enough on your plate as you prepare to launch your business and relocate your family. Even if you have friends and relatives who can help, it’s a good idea to hire professionals to carry some of the burdens.

For instance, an experienced real estate agent can save you a lot of time and stress while helping you navigate the home search and purchase processes. And you may consider hiring a professional moving company to get your belongings safely to your new home.

Handle the Administrative Stuff

Starting a business will require you to complete a lot of administrative tasks. While tedious, it’s critical not to take any shortcuts that could harm your chances of establishing your company on solid ground.

For example, you will need to choose a legal structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, etc.) and write a thorough business plan. You will also need to determine how much capital you need to live and build your business during the first few years.

Get Your Brand Going

Start building a brand as you navigate the home buying process and get the administrative responsibilities out of the way. Create a unique business name that reflects the products or services you will sell (even if it is your personal name). Design an attractive logo and any other branding components that will appear on your marketing materials.

You will also want to create a professional-grade website that provides a stellar user experience. And you will need to explore various digital and local marketing channels to figure out which ones will help you best reach your audience, such as:

Chances are you don’t have ample experience in each of these fields (unless you are a digital marketer). Considering how important marketing is for your company, hiring a professional agency can prove well worth the investment. Reach out to pros like The Social Sharks so that you can be confident in your marketing strategies and campaigns!

It’s time to launch your home-based company and find a home that will accommodate the needs of both your business and your family. Follow the tips above to lay a firm foundation for a smooth transition into this exciting new chapter. And keep learning other ways to set the stage for long-term happiness and success!

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