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How to Reach a New Target Audience Without Abandoning Your Old One

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Reaching a new audience is a great way to grow your business. However, you can’t forget about your current customer base; they have helped you get to where you are today and will potentially help your business grow in the future. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between the two audiences and reach them both effectively. That being said, this balancing act can be quite difficult, especially if you are trying to branch out from a niche industry. If you succeed, however, your business will expand at an exponential rate. For this reason, we are here to help you figure out how to reach a new target audience without abandoning your old one.

1. Create Solid User Personas

When trying to reach a new target audience, you need to look at them the same as you would your old one. You must first determine who they are, and to do so, you must create user personas for them. You should then tailor each landing page, blog post, and article you publish to a certain persona in order to communicate more successfully with the new audience. A user persona will also assist you in determining the key differences between your current and new audiences. These differences are important to understand because different audiences are going to have different reactions to your marketing. That is to say; different audiences are going to require different digital marketing approaches.

Someone drawing arrows toward the word "audience" on a blank whiteboard.
To successfully reach your new target audience, you must first narrow down your demographics.

That being said, if you're having trouble creating personas, your best bet is to approach your new target audience directly. Personal, in-depth interviews are a great way to get to know them. However, you can also do surveys, especially if you are unable to get interviews. To attract interested participants, you might provide a little reward and then ask them questions geared to draw out their motivations and the reasons they chose your product or service.

2. Develop Material That Is Both Useful and Appropriate

After you know who your new target audience is, you need to create content that is suitable for them. Offering material that is both interesting and relevant is the greatest method of doing this. You can be sure that your audience will pay attention to what you have to say if you write about things that are of interest to them. Furthermore, using storytelling to boost your brand can help your content. This is going to give life to your content and help you establish a connection with both old and new audiences. Reaching and retaining your target audience will be much simpler if you tailor the information you're distributing to them specifically. If you want to increase your number of leads and sales, content marketing is a crucial tool. Depending on your goals, you may use it in a number of different ways. Some of the most typical approaches are as follows:

  • Promotional videos. Watching videos is an engaging and interactive experience that is both interesting and stimulating. An interesting and well-made video may quickly grab a viewer's attention.

  • Articles and blog posts. Even if written information isn't as effective as videos at grabbing people's attention, it is still useful. Make sure that the content you provide is relevant to your intended audience and addresses their needs and interests.

Media shared on social networking sites. Social networking is another great way to get in touch with your intended customers.

A person writing blog content on their laptop.
You must create relevant content to a new target audience if you want to capture their attention.

3. Incorporate New Goods and Services

Adding new products or services to your business model is another effective strategy to reach a new target audience without having to abandon your current customer base. In this way, you can avoid disappointing your current fans by making drastic changes to your work and can instead focus on attracting a whole new audience. The great thing about this is that, even if your existing audience doesn't like the addition that you make, there is always the possibility that they will come around.

4. Encourage New Audience Participation Through Social Media

Reevaluating your social media strategies and platforms will help you build connections, whether you're a social media rookie or a seasoned veteran. Sixty-six percent of Facebook's customer base follows a business because they want to interact with their favorite companies online. And on the business-to-business side of things, 65% of B2B organizations have utilized LinkedIn-sponsored advertisements to bring in new customers. Having a dedicated social media manager on staff isn't necessary to make meaningful contributions to your social media channels. With the right knowledge and an understanding of your new target audience's interests, you can write engaging blog entries to get their attention without alienating your current audience.

A phone with social media apps displayed.
Expanding your online presence through social media is going to help you reach a new target audience without abandoning your old one.

5. Join Forces with Related Companies

There are probably other businesses that aim for the same customers as you but provide non-competing goods or services. You should ask them to share your promotional content with their audience, and you should offer to do the same. Partnerships, co-sponsored events, and other forms of cooperation may increase both parties' visibility and the return on their marketing expenditures.

6. Market Using an Omnichannel Approach

After deciding which untapped areas to target, your marketing efforts should be consistent in tone and approach across all channels. You may increase the reach of your message while reducing your overall creative budget by using an omnichannel approach in which the same marketing materials are used across different media. Omnichannel is the most efficient technique to guarantee your content reaches your new audience. There is never a point at which a corporation can confidently declare that they have enough clients. Even as you broaden your scope, keep in mind that your current consumers' tastes and preferences are likely to shift over time. Maintaining a solid client base requires time and work, so don't try to do too much.


Hopefully, now you know how to reach a new target audience without abandoning your old one. Don't abandon your existing marketing plan completely; try to incorporate your new strategy seamlessly into your existing strategies. This way, you'll retain most of your current clients and be able to reach new audiences at the same time. With a bit of planning and creativity, you should be able to find new customers without compromising your current ones.

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