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Facebook Marketing 101

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The business owners guide on how to effectively use facebook for their business.


Facebook is the most effective and influential social networking site that small business can focus, communicate and interact with their target customers, as well as to generate leads.

Most small businesses have challenges on how to use Facebook marketing as a professional tool to achieve the desired results. But just as it is with any new concept, tool or technology, You need to educate yourself to get the most out of it.

With more than 2.27 billion active members a month, it makes sense to use Facebook marketing or employ the service of a marketing agency to improving your business by creating brand awareness, community, stimulate purchase andlaunching of a new product or service.

The steps involved are not complicated if the right processes are adopted and followed. Use these simple tips below to harness the power of Facebook marketing for your business.

Create A Facebook Business Page

The first step to promoting your business onFacebook is to create a corporate Facebook page.

It is wrong to use your personal Facebook account for your business. Your family and friends may not be interested in your business activities. Similarly, your potential customers probably do not want to see your personal vacation photos. As your business grows and more and more people make friends, you'll run out of space. Facebook allows only 5,000 friends on a personal Facebook account. This seems to be a significant number, but many online marketers have reached this limit on their personal page and then had to delete people and move them to a fan page.

Engage And Interact On Facebook

Facebook Reaction Graph
Facebook Reaction Graph

With the new Facebook and Instagram algorithm it is now much harder to get the engagement you want on your posts. The difference now is that instead of giving us our newsfeed in chronological order, it is given to us based on what they "think" we will like based on our previous actions of engaging with certain people or brands. Facebook marketing is only effective if your subscribers feel they can trust you. They will learn to love you and trust your brand if you regularly give helpful information. For example, post a daily suggestion or motivational message on your page. Post offers and promotions that they can benefit from or create a unique promotion for your Facebook subscribers only. This also means having a quick reply to users who comment or message you directly through your facebook business page.

Effective Facebook Marketing Integration

Integrating your Facebook marketing strategies with your other marketing tactics will give you the best results. For example, you can add a Facebook source to your website or blog. You can Insert a "Find Us On Facebook,""publish this on Facebook"feature button or call the action to your email signature and on your website. Not only is this a great way to keep your website visitors in the loop, but Google and other search engines LOVE when you have active social media embedded on your website.

Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook groups are where people with similar interest meet, share, and express their opinion on a common interest. It is a popular tool for business owners to reach an online audience for free. Facebook groups are much more visible in news feeds. It gives you full control over the flow of information and communication. Facebook groups are great for generating leads, creating your email list, and finally selling your products and services.

Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook Advertising 101
Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook marketing can be cheap and work like magic. It helps you connect to your target audience, base on their interests, location, and sex. However, ads will only work well if you planand spend your time making sure you run relevant ads. They should be useful to your target audience, catch the viewer's attention and include a compelling call to action. To have a killer facebook ad, the two MOST IMPORTANT things you need to make sure is to have a killer ad copy (the text in the ad) and an eye catching brand generated content picture or video. (we recommend using video brand generated content) There are tons of dynamics to facebook ads that might be overwhelming. We will talk about some advanced advertisements later, but below are the different type of facebook ads that are available.


1. Link Click Ads: Clicks Ads allow you to link to specific pages of your website. (these can be set on a cost per click basis to only pay when someone clicks on your link)

2. Page Post Ads: These ads will enable you to increase the number of likes, shares, and comments on the post on your Facebook page.

3. Page Like Ads: "Like" ads allow you to target audiences that can be converted into patronizers and encourage them to like your page.

4. App Install Ads: App installs ads will enable you to increase the download and install rate of your App for mobile users.

5. Event Ads: This Ad increases publicity for your event and responses from invitees

6. App Engagement: This advertisement encourage people to use your App more.

7. Video Ads:Video ads generate more views to your video, and the ad is optimized for people who are likely to watch it.

8. Offer Claims Ads: This ad brings potential buyers to your store by placing special offers.

10. Lead Generation Ads: This ad is one of our favorite. It is a very powerful ad where users can click on it and actually put in their information (name, email, number) if they are interested in your ad. You can retrieve these leads from your forms library on your facebook business page.

10. Website conversions: The Facebook website conversion ads allow you to direct visitors to specific pages with the intention of converting them to sales, leads, or subscribers.

However, before you create your ad, you need to add a conversion tracking pixel to your website. You can create conversion tracking pixels in your Facebook Ad manager or you can keep reading in detail about the facebook pixel below.


The Facebook Pixel is also referred to as the Facebook retargeting pixel; they are lines of code that needs to be inserted into the back end of your website. Like other tags, it helps to control and decodes key performance metrics generated by a particular platform.


The Facebook Pixel can track and increase the ROI for companies on the platform. Here are some key things the Facebook Pixel does:

Build Custom Audiences: The custom audience is one of the most powerful Facebook's targeting capabilities. Instead ofincreasing your audience with the self-service advertising tool of the social network, you have the option of letting the Facebook Pixel do it for you. It makes the whole process faster and more comfortable.

Build Lookalike Audiences: The personalized audiences are excellent, tailored to your target. But what happens when you want to extend your reach beyond those who visit your website? Installing Facebook retargeting pixel helps you use your custom audience as a beginning for new audience automatically generated by Facebook looking like the original.

Retargeting Facebook Ads: THIS IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND CHEAP FACEBOOK AD TO RUN. The pixel of Facebook is versatile to improve relevancy by showing ads for custom audiences composed of visitors to your website. It increases the reach of ads by creating an audience from a personalized audience of visitors to the site.

When prospects visit your site for the first time, the chances of them buying what you sell is very low, even if you offer them freebies.

What they will do is leave your page and look for more, maybe wait for a better offer from another place.

They might visit your website again, but as an advertiser, you do not want to leave that decision to chance. You want to stay ahead with an ad that will bring them back to your website.

Thisis how retargeting works, and it is also known as remarketing. With the Facebook Retargeting Pixel, you can serve dynamic ads to audiences who take actions that indicate they are interested in your products and services.

The Bottom Line On Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most powerful tools on the internet and can literally generate a business thousands and even millions of dollars in revenue, if it is done right. While Facebook marketing should NEVER be your only source of marketing, it needs to be implemented into every business in the world. Even business's that you would never expect to advertise on the internet, facebook is where your audience is because it is basically WHERE EVERYONE IS! I know we have talked about alot above and for the average business owner, this is not something you will be able to master overnight, but lucky for you this is where marketing agencies such as The Social Sharks has made their living. Below is some extra information for users who might consider hiring a marketign agency.

Hiring A Marketing Agency

Paid advertising is also one of the fastest ways to expand your page, but it can increase your advertising budget even further with the help of marketing professionals who know how to correctly set up ads for success. They are lots of marketing agencies around today, andthey also specialize in supporting small businesses. As a Fort Worth marketing agency with complete digital solutions, we also offer many services that will enhance your overall online presence.

Tips to remember when choosing your marketing agency:

- Check our their social media presence, if they have a lot of followers and do good for themselves, they can probably do it for your brand also.

- Check out their recent work, most marketing companies will allow you to see the brands they have worked with

- Make sure they have a team, a team allows a marketing company to expand while offering you the best quality services.

- See if they have worked with companies in a similar industry as yours.

- Speak to them over the phone to build the trust and get on the same page for your marketing campaign.

We have plenty of marketing classes to come! Subscribe to our website and stay tuned :)

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