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6 Simple SEO Tips for Small Business Owners – Crossing the Red Tape in 2021

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Simple SEO tips and tricks

Search Engine Optimization is not just for big companies or organizations. As a small business owner, there's actually a lot of things you can do to get worthy outcomes. What you invest your resources in will determine if your business will be the graded as the “Successful Business” or the “Flailing Business”.

For your business to be known by the right people out there, you need exposure. SEO can actually do that for your business. Investing in the right SEO strategies can be the difference you ever need. In the modern business scenery, SEO is an essential digital marketing skill if you don’t want to burn out in the process of becoming a successful business owner.

In this guide, you will read practical ways you can get the most out of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines for your business.

What Is SEO?

SEO, fully known as Search Engine Optimization, is a publicizing field tailored at getting traffic and visibility from free and organic web engine search results. SEO is key to driving traffic, creating awareness, and appearing in top positions whenever a your-business-relevant search is made on search engines.

SEO strategies is not a static system. It requires creativity and technicality in order to see results. Plus, SEO is not an overnight task. It is a gradual process where the effects of work done in SEO over time is being felt, seen, or both.

Search Engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. ranks websites, contents, videos, etc. based on their relevancy to users. If Google scans and discovers that the content on your website is worth the read/view, your website will be shown amongst the first search results whenever a related search is made by any user.

What Are The Benefits of SEO to Small Businesses?

SEO Marketing is a cheaper, proven way for businesses to scale up their leads and revenues compared to any other method of digital marketing.

Over 86% of online buying decisions start by conducting a search on the search engine.

For every second that passes on the clock, over 500,000 searches are made. Every day, billions of searches are made on the web regarding products, businesses, information, and much more. Imagine your business tapping into this opportunity by engaging in right SEO practices.

As a business owner, having your business appear on the first page of a search result automatically builds trust for your brand, help you beat your competitors, and possibly attract new customers to your business. To help get a hang of what to do, here are six simple SEO you can do to improve your site’s visibility in 2021.

SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

mobile optimization of website

Globally, 78% of searches made online are made via mobile devices such as phones, tablets, etc. If your site can’t be easily accessible via mobile phones, then your search engine ranking will probably be shaken. A website not built with the mobile phone users in mind won’t function/display properly as supposed on mobile. Plus, Google and other search engines are dedicated to presenting ONLY websites with good user experiences to searchers.

2. Quality Content/Blog Writing

SEO is not all about keywords alone. These search engines have algorithms designed to scan through your content and decide if your content in whole is qualitative and beneficial to users.

In SEO Marketing, content is no longer king. QUALITY content is king!

When you write informative and exciting content on your business website, it serves as a bait to reel in the fish (potential customer). Quality content writing will keep you ahead of others on your industry because you often give out valuable information to users and this will translate to higher search ranking for your business.

cheap blog writing services

When you write SEO friendly articles, make sure it contains something of value or importance to your readers. Don’t just write SEO articles stuffed with keywords in order to rank high. Ensure it is valuable to anyone reading it.

If you don’t know what to write about, you can hire professional writers offering high-quality article writing services at affordable pricing to do it for you.

3. Reach Out To People Using Social Media

As a beginner in the SEO race (which never ends), you don't need to sit back waiting for the day you will be ranked in the first page of search results; you need to show the world what nice content you have on your business site.

4. You have to be your own promoter

Social media has a role to play in terms of SEO and growing your business. You can start by promoting your business and SEO friendly articles on your social media accounts. Don’t ever be ashamed or scared of telling your cliques what you do. You never can tell who amongst them can link you up with a big client and the chain goes on and on like that.

You may not necessarily share your SEO articles on ALL the social networks there is. You may select the top 4 networking sites where there are potential customers for your business.

5. Get Quality Backlinks

Gone are the days when you can just hop on the first page of search results with random backlinks. Now, the game of SEO Marketing has changed and to meet the requirements of these search engines, you need QUALITY backlinks. Quality content writing can be backed with quality backlinks.

6. Create a Google My Business Account

Google My Business Setup Service

If your business has a physical meeting place, it wouldn't hurt to create and own a "Google My Business" account. It will help your business be more visible in local SEO ranking and probably get more customers walking into your business arena. Visibility is not just about High-quality article writing only, you may need the Google My Business too.

7. Link Your Internal Contents

When you write new SEO friendly articles, remember to put links to related content on your site too. It helps with your SEO game although its effect is very minimal but it is worth the effort. Linking two or more related articles on your site to your present article helps keep users on your site for quite a long time especially if your articles are interesting.

There are more to SEO. The game keeps changing but you can never go wrong keeping up with latest SEO marketing techniques.


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