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  • What if I do not know which plan to go with?
    No worries, we encourage all users to contact us before signing up for any of our plans so we can make sure that you are getting on the right campaign for your business!
  • Am I locked into a contract with this service?
    Yes all of our plans are on minimum 4 month contracts! Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint!
  • Do you create the content?
    Yes! We can generate content related to your brand, or also intake content you already have and apply it to your campaign. We also have profesional photography options for businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.
  • Do you post daily for me on social media?
    Yes, on all of our full service social media plans or bundled packages we post daily content for you.
  • Is there a different budget for adspend on advertisments?
    Yes, we use your own budget on what paid advertisments you want to run. We run these ads mostly through Facebook and Instagram because those platforms generate the most traction. (bang for your buck) But we can also run paid ads on twitter if you request it.
  • How long does it take to rank on Google?
    Depending on how competitive the keywords you are trying to rank it could happen as soon as 3 months, but realistically happens around month 6-8. Google adwords will get you ranked up immediately in the top 3 spots on a cost per click basis. You can learn more about SEO marketing at our social sharks school!
  • Do you guys manage Google Adwords campaigns?
    Yes sure thing. We will setup, manage, and run any Google Adwords PPC campaign for the invoiced cost of 20% of your total campaign budget! We suggest bundling this up with one of our website or lead generation landing page plans :)
  • What is a facebook pixel?
    A facebook pixel is a little code we implement on your website so we can run profitable facebook advertisments. This allows us to set up retargeting audiences and convertion events that facebook uses to optimize the best campaign for you. You can learn more about Facebook marketing in our social sharks school!
  • Do you guys work on my website for me if I need to make future changes?
    Yes, as long as you are on one of our website plans we will always revise and edit your current website to add more information, new products, or anything else at no extra cost.
  • Do you guys do video production/editing?
    Of course we do! Just contact us so we can talk about the specifics of your video.
  • Can you guys create a logo for me?
    Sure thing! Just contact us from our home page and we will get that project rolling for you!
  • How do I cancel my account?
    Please talk with one of our Sharks about problems you are having with your campaign first. All cancellations are done through the link
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